Expert - Environment and Climate

EEA/AD/2021/3 Requisition #

Expert - Environment and Climate
- Temporary Agent (AD6)
Reference no. EEA/AD/2021/3

Please send us your application by no later than 4 July 2021 at midnight (Copenhagen time), following the instructions in the ANNEX.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) is organising an open competition to establish a reserve list for temporary agents to work as Expert - Environment and Climate. Candidates from a broad range of environment topic areas are encouraged to apply. 
When filling in your application, you will have to indicate which of the five EEA’s strategic thematic areas of work you are interested in: biodiversity and ecosystems, climate change mitigation and adaptation, human health and the environment, circular economy and resource use, and sustainability trends prospects and transitions. You will be asked to explain your motivation and competencies in that domain.


The current decade is critical for the European Union (EU) and its neighbouring countries towards achieving their environmental, climate and sustainability ambitions by 2050. The stakes could not be higher, nor the urgency greater. The EEA is playing a pivotal role by delivering data, information and assessments to support action. It now seeks to recruit new talents to deliver the ambitions set out in its new Strategy and the many EU policies that rely on the knowledge provided by EEA and its network Eionet. 

The EEA seeks talented individuals across five broad essential knowledge domains central to the Strategy: 

  1. Biodiversity and Ecosystems;
  2. Climate Change mitigation and adaptation;
  3. Human health and the environment;
  4. Circular Economy and resource use, and
  5. Sustainability trends, prospects and responses. 

The many links between these domains, the increasing demands for solutions, and the new policies being put in place to drive change, together provide new opportunities to join EEA and help us deliver new knowledge and innovation. 

The EEA, as an agency of the EU, has a clear vision to deliver the data and knowledge needed to achieve Europe's environment and climate ambitions. Successful candidates will join 250 staff and a 38-country network on this mission, and in doing so, operate within a set of core values that drive how we work: respect, professionalism, openness, positivity and trust. 


Under the responsibility of the Head of Group, reporting to the Head of Programme (see organisational chart), the job holder shall be responsible for advising and managing work in EEA’s core areas of work within the thematic area of expertise.

You will join an open, positive and multicultural team of enthusiastic experts. You will work in close collaboration with colleagues across all EEA, and in partnerships with Eionet, EU institutions and other key stakeholders to achieve and deliver on initiatives of common interest.

As an Expert, you will contribute to shaping and managing work in your area of expertise, within one of EEA’s core thematic areas of work. You will design and manage environment and/or climate and other sustainability related projects and ensure the high quality of deliverables. Such initiatives may address a variety of objectives including evaluating progress in your thematic domain against EU policy objectives, wider global trends and reflecting diverse EEA country situations.

You will also help deliver on cross-cutting issues, encompassing various types of interlinkages, socio-economic dimensions, societal inequalities, systems such as food, energy, mobility, urban and rural, strategic foresight and systemic challenges, options for solutions, and enablers and pathways to reach sustainability objectives, including sustainable finance. An important part of the work will also be to engage with stakeholders and to contribute to their initiatives when appropriate and to influence the policy agendas in line with the EEA-Eionet Strategy objectives.


The successful candidate will be offered a Temporary Agent contract in accordance with Article 2f) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities. The selected candidate will be employed for an initial time period of four years, renewable. 

Successful candidates who are recruited undergo an initial probation period of 9 months.

Should the successful candidate currently hold a Temporary Agent 2(f) contract and qualify for a transfer under the terms of the CEOS, the band width for this position which can be accommodated is in accordance with Annex I of the Staff Regulations. 

For information on salary, please see information published under Temporary Agents

The place of work will be Copenhagen, Denmark. 

It is brought to the particular attention of candidates that the provisions of Articles 11 to 26 of the Staff Regulations, concerning the rights and obligations of officials, shall apply by analogy to Temporary Agents. These rules specify that: 

“An official shall carry out his duties and conduct himself solely with the interests of the Union in mind. He shall neither seek nor take instructions from any government, authority, organization or person outside his institution. He shall carry out the duties assigned to him objectively, impartially and in keeping with his duty of loyalty to the Union.

An official shall not without the permission of the appointing authority accept from any government or from any other source outside the institution to which he belongs any honour, decoration, favour, gift or payment of any kind whatever, except for services rendered either before his appointment or during special leave for military or other national service and in respect of such service.

Before recruiting an official, the appointing authority shall examine whether the candidate has any personal interest such as to impair his independence or any other conflict of interest. To that end, the candidate, using a specific form, shall inform the appointing authority of any actual or potential conflict of interest. In such cases, the appointing authority shall take this into account in a duly reasoned opinion. If necessary, the appointing authority shall take the measures referred to in Article 11a(2).”

For further information on the Staff Regulations and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union see:

Staff Regulations


A Selection Committee is set up for the selection procedure. It consists of members designated by the Appointing Authority and the Staff Committee. The Selection Committee is bound by the principle of confidentiality as enshrined in Article 6 of Annex III to the Staff Regulations. This works in two ways: first, it imposes obligations to ensure equal treatment for candidates; and second, it seeks to protect the Selection Committee to ensure that its decisions are totally impartial. 

The Selection Committee adheres strictly to the conditions of admission laid down in the vacancy notice when deciding whether or not candidates are eligible. Candidates admitted to a previous selection procedure will not automatically be eligible. Candidates are strictly forbidden to make any contact with the members of the Selection Committee, either directly or indirectly. Any infringement of this rule will lead to disqualification from the selection procedure. 

In a spirit of transparency, and in order to align our working methods with current practice in certain Member States, the administration has decided to proceed with the publication of names of Selection Committee members

Should the Selection Committee discover at any stage in the procedure that the candidate does not meet one or more of the general or special conditions for admission to the selection procedure, the candidate will be disqualified. 

The Selection Committee decides on those candidates who are admitted to the selection procedure in accordance with the requirements as specified under eligibility criteria. The applications of the candidates admitted to the selection procedure are reviewed to establish whether or not they show evidence of all requirements as specified under selection criteria. 
The Selection Committee will invite to the interview and to the written test phase the best qualified candidates (maximum of 40). Should the case arise that there are various candidates scoring the same number of points in the 40th ranking, the number of candidates to be invited may be adjusted accordingly to accommodate this.
The interview will be held in English and the candidate’s knowledge of other languages will also be assessed during the interview. Candidates invited for an interview will be asked to undergo a written test in the area of expertise required for the post. The test and the interview will take place online.

Following interviews and written tests the Selection Committee will submit the list of suitable candidates to the Appointing Authority who will decide on the establishment of a reserve list covering the topic areas. Recruitment for vacant positions will be based on availability of posts and budget and usually follow-up interviews will be conducted to decide on recruitment for a vacant post within a given topic area. Candidates shall note that inclusion on the reserve list does not guarantee recruitment.

The reserve list for this post will be valid until 31 December 2022 and may be extended at the discretion of the Appointing Authority. 

Prior to contract signature, the successful candidate will be asked:

  • to provide original or certified copies of all relevant documents proving his/her eligibility, including a police certificate confirming the absence of any criminal record; 
  • to undergo a compulsory medical examination to establish that he/she meets the standard of physical fitness necessary to perform the duties involved.


(In your application, please provide examples from current or past work experience where these competencies have been applied).


  • Thorough knowledge of or demonstrated professional experience in performing analysis and assessments in any of the job-related thematic domains;
  • Thorough knowledge of or demonstrated professional experience in EU and international environmental or climate policy frameworks, policy cycles, institutional settings and networks and key decision-making processes;
  • Demonstrated work experience or knowledge where a systemic or integrated approach has been applied within or across the specified thematic domains;
  • Robust experience in collaboration, networking, stakeholder management or partnerships to jointly advance knowledge developments in the domain;
  • Excellent project management skills and experience in leading complex projects involving a variety of stakeholders;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills*;
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English language, at least at level C1 in all categories according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language.

* Will only be tested at the stage of interview/written test.


  • Proven experience working in multi-cultural, diverse organisations;
  • Proven experience communicating complex information to audiences of differing technical understanding, and use of different communication modes to do so (written, verbal, web, etc.).


Candidates applying must satisfy the following eligibility criteria on the closing date for the submission of applications:

a)    Successful completion of university studies attested by a degree relevant to the field concerned, where the normal duration of university education is 4 years or more OR successful completion of university studies attested by a degree relevant to the field concerned, where the normal duration of university education is 3 years OR where justified in the interests of the service, professional training of an equivalent level;                                    

b)    A minimum of 3 years (with a 4 year diploma) OR 4 years (with a 3 year diploma) of relevant professional experience after award of the university degree.

In addition, in order to be eligible a candidate must:

  • Be a national of one of the member countries of the EEA (Member States of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey);
  • Enjoy full rights as a citizen;
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by law concerning military service;
  • Have a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the EEA member countries and a satisfactory knowledge of another of these languages (corresponding to level B.2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages CEFR);
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties involved;
  • Be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post. 

Candidates should assess carefully and check before submitting their application whether they fulfil all the conditions for admission laid down in the vacancy notice, particularly in terms of qualifications and relevant professional experience.

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